IRJ-QR #15

A Mother’s Love: Rebekah’s Deception

I have always had the best intentions for my son, Jacob. Ever since he and Esau were born, he was the quiet, sensitive twin to juxtapose his brother’s strong manliness. When my husband, Isaac, began to go blind, he wanted to bless Esau, his favorite son. What Isaac never knew was that God had come to me before our children were born, telling me that Jacob would be stronger than his brother.

Knowing this, I tricked my husband into believing that Jacob was Esau so that Jacob could be blessed. I dressed Jacob into Esau’s clothing, put fur on him because he was not as hairy as his brother, and prepared a meal for Isaac. Thankfully, it worked and Jacob was blessed. This not only gave my son the blessing, but also helped him much to succeed as I always knew he would.

Of course, I loved Esau. He too was my son, but I realized that without a blessing he would be okay in life because of his manliness. Esau had always been the perfect stereotype of how men were supposed to act; yet, Jacob never lived up to the expectation of the ideal man. I did not believe that others would see his true personality, as I did, and would hurt him because of his lack of a “manly” personality.

My deception, however, was nothing like what Laban did to Jacob. After my son had fallen in love with Laban’s younger daughter, Rachel, he worked for Laban for seven years to have Rachel’s hand in marriage. Yet, after all that work, Laban lied to Jacob and gave him Leah!

Laban justified his lies by saying that it was not tradition for a younger sister to be married before her older sister. But why should that matter? God had already told me that the younger brother would be greater than the older brother, so why should an older sister be more important than her younger sister? Tradition means nothing if God has contradicted it. God is our creator, and what he says means more than any tradition.


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