IRJ-QR #14

An Autocrat or a Guardian? : Noah


After a generation of evil, God realizes that he must wipe out the human race; yet, after some consideration, he remembers that not all men are evil. Noah is said to be a “righteous man, blameless in his generation” (Gen. 7.9). Clearly, in the eyes of all that read Genesis, Noah’s admirable character has a positive connotation.

In the two pictures of Noah, he looks up towards God. The difference is that in the first picture, Noah looks up to God knowingly and concedidly; whereas, in the seconds picture, Noah looks up to the God and dove thankfully and lovingly.

The attire Noah wears in both of the picture also heavily affects the audience’s opinion about Noah. Although he is dressed in red in both, the first picture makes Noah look self-absorbed aposed to his true nature of giving and selflessness.  

In the Bible, Noah is said to be “righteous,” which means morally right or justifiable ( In the first picture I blogged about, the artist depicted Noah as a despot when building the ark; in contrast, the second artist illustrated Noah as a noble protector. Because of his facial expression and his clothing, the second picture undoubtly interprets Noah better.

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