IRJ-QR #13

The Protector of Nature: Noah

In this rendition of Noah and his ark, the artist interprets Noah, standing on his ark, with his hand out to a dove. Noah stands on the ark not with pride in his work, but rather in awe of the true beauty of nature which is symbolized through the dove and the olive branch.

His stretched out hand can be interpereted in two ways. The first way shows that Noah, a caring man, welcomes back the dove with loving and open arms. The second way shows that Noah wants the dove to fly away from the ark and back to the world where he knows the dove belongs. Either way it is looked at, Noah is represented as a man who protected nature and saved all of the species from the flood.

Noah’s clothing, apart from his red robe, does not stand out from the rest of the painting. The color choice decided by the author symbolizes Noah’s humbleness. On the inside, Noah does not believe he is different from any other human and also does not want to be treated differently.

His eye-catching red robe, on the other hand, represents his special connection with God. Although Noah wants “normality,” there is no denying that Noah is not special. God chooses Noah to be the one to build the ark and to survive the flood because the Lord believes in him. His clothing shows his want for acceptence on the inside, but his special connection with God on the outside.

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