IRJ-QR #12

A Dictator Rather than a True Leader: Noah

In this picture, Noah concededly stands rather than helping his sons, Ham, Shem, and Japheth, and his grandson, Canaan, build the ark.  Noah’s centered position between all of the workers displays his ideology that because he was the closest with God, he is the most important. Noah speaks to God as the men toil away to build an ark; and although this is important, Noah originally knew God’s commands and should have been helping build the ark. The fact that Noah stands looking towards the sky rather than helping the others work on the unfinished ark, makes it look like a dictatorship rather than a fellowship.

The artist also depicts that Noah happens to be the most important character through his clothing. The others all have clothing colors that are similar to each other’s (green, purple, lighter colors); yet, Noah wears white to represent an “angelic” quality, but also wears the striking color of red so that the audience’s eyes will first go to him.

This painting of Noah and the building of the ark not only emphasizes that Noah is the main character of that story in the bible, but makes it seem that all he did was boss around everyone rather than truly build the ark.

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