IRJ-QR #11

The Fake Safety Blankets We Depend On: Human’s Gullible Beliefs

After weeks of Gawaine’s disappearance, a team goes back to the thicket where he was last seen. They see nothing but “the metal parts of his medals. Even the ribbons had been devoured” (Broun 54).   Upon this discovery, the characters, as well as the audience, can infer that a dragon has eaten Gawaine. This task  of killing this dragon was given to Gawaine in belief that it would be easy and would help him get back on his feet after he found out that his magic word was not magical at all. 

            This magic word, while he believed in it, was Gawaine’s safety blanket. It soon became him entire confidence because he gullibly believed that the only reason he could fight was because of a word. Throughout time, there have been times when we as humans have relied on some something that turn out to be nothing more than a sugar pill. We believe in these fake things because even if our better judgment know that these things are completely ridiculous, it is harder to depend on ourselves and know that it is all up to us and that we are alone.

Proposition: Sometimes it is easier for us as humans to have confidence in other things rather than accepting the fact that we are alone to fight.

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