IRJ-QR #10

Crueler than a Tiger: Greed

Unknowing what his future has in store for him, the young man looks pleadingly into the eyes of his lover and asks her which door he should go to. Knowing what lays behind both doors, the princess, after many days of anguish, indicates that her love should go to the right door. When he opened the door, a tiger pounces upon the man and tears him to pieces as punishment for loving a princess. The only reason that the girl could bear to watch her lover be eaten by a cruel, ferocious beast was because that was the only way that she could be content. Greed, a natural part of human nature, is the one thing that everyone tries to mask and deny. Yet, when faced with the choice of her love dying or her love being married to another woman, the princess lets her greed come forth and rather than seeing him with another woman, ends his life.

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