IRJ-CP #5: Blabbermouth on the Battle and the Boy

Dear Tattletale,
I miss you so much! I haven’t see you since I became a Page and you decided to be a nurse for the Library. As you may know, I am now the official go-between for the Guppee authorities and  the authorities of the Chup. We had such an adventure to get to where we are.
Do you remember how I could juggle better than all of the boys in the schoolyard? Do you remember I had to threaten them all until they admitted I was the best?
Well, our Prince Bolo was being fooled by a fake juggler who had the intent on killing all of us! But guess who figured it out and saved the day. I always knew that juggling would come in handy.
Then, when Prince Bolo (finally!) realized I was a girl, he was so enraged that I could not deal with him anymore. I quit. But, Mudra had been noticing me and he offered me a job!
After that we all prepared for battle, which actually ended up being quite boring. It’s not even worth talking about. But Mudra said I’m a great fighter.
But now, Tattletale, will be your favorite part. I met a boy 🙂 His name is Haroun. He’s the boy that everyone is talking about, the one that saved us from Khattam-Shud. I already miss his annoying questions and his sometimes unbearable stupidity. He’s back on Earth now, and I’m still here on Kahani, so we may never see each other again. But I know I’ll never forget him and I hope he’ll never forget me. He was my first kiss.
Write me back. I hope we can visit each other sometime.
Your best friend,
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