Women are Still the Lesser Sex?: How Facebook Could Lead Us Back to Sexism

After exposing her long hair from beneath her Page cap, Blabbermouth begins to scold Haroun, who is still in shock because of his discovery. “Don’t you know girls have to fool people every day of their lives if they want to get anywhere?” (Rushdie 107).

Although women have far progressed from marching down Washington for their civil rights, we are not nearly as appreciated in status as men. Though I am not advocating for feminism, I believe that women and men need to be treated more as equals. Even though there are laws preventing sexism, we as Americans cannot proudly say that the conscious mistreatment of women has been abolished.

“Why do women buy watches when there’s a clock on the oven?” “Women bringing me sandwiches” “Women joining groups? Get back in the kitchen!” These are all public groups on Facebook, a popular site that anyone can log onto. When you search the word “women” these are three results you get on the very first page. Yet, when you search for the word “men” you get no results that are even close to offensive. Although these groups are said to be “a joke,“ they are as funny as calling someone the “N” word.

The first step to finally abolishing sexism is if we somehow can find a way to delete all these sexist groups from Facebook. The reason that these groups on Facebook are so important is because in a world where Facebook has over 500 million, and these groups are public, these pages could go viral. To women, these pages are hurtful and offensive. Yet, to men, they could take this as a joke and could “jokingly” start making crude jokes at women.

Propostion: Unless these groups on Facebook are deleted, we are feeding the idea of sexism all over again and will demolish all the progress of equality we as women have been working for.
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